There’s nothing new about drones and the significant difference they’re making in the construction industry. Drones were initially used for chores such as photographing and surveying construction sites. Today, drones have been specialised for construction and developed to achieve much more. Presence of drones within the industry will continue to evolve but for now, let’s take a look at the roles they’re playing today.



With better accessibility and manoeuvrability, drones are increasingly being used as the ‘alternative’ vehicle of choice. Drones don’t encounter the same hazards, road rules or even preparation like traditional construction vehicles. Another benefit of using drones as transportation is site security. It becomes a lot easier to manage movements in an out of a construction site when significantly less vehicles are being used.



As of right now, most drones can fly in all sorts of areas for whichever reason they like and need. With this ability, sites that are remote can be inspected and monitored for surveillance and safety reasons. This reduces necessary labour and time, reduces injury and increases productivity. Also, a drones ability to gather site data is second to none removing human error!



Constant contact – these two words are game changing for the construction industry. Not only is it important for project managers to have their finger on the pulse during construction, but it’s beneficial for investors too. A drones involvement in this aspect is incredibly significant. The data the drone is able to collect enables teams to keep on top of their deadlines and understand where delays are forming.

With so many innovative changes within the construction industry, it’s clear efficiency is paramount. It’s been said that those who choose to work heavily with drones and will cut big job times in half. This is turn saves money on labour and enables work to be finished on time. So, why not consider how drones might be beneficial to your business?

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