The Construction Industry is an environment full of growth with plenty of opportunities and job security. It was estimated that construction would be one of the fastest growing industries between 2012 and 2022. So far, this estimate has proved true. In NZ alone, 45 million will be spent on building and maintaining safer roads, walkways and cycleways before 2028. In Wellington, there is $850 million being spent on the Transmission Gully project!

With this extreme growth, the need for updated roads, bridges, bridge repair, infrastructure and housing projects is inevitable. With this growth, there is a natural increase in employment opportunities. The increase in employment opportunities tends to benefit heavy machinery operators most. A heavy machinery operator is focussed on the safe and efficient operation of machines such as excavators, loaders, dump trucks etc.

When it comes to working-class people carrying out manual labour jobs, few pay as well as heavy machinery operators. In NZ, 45% of bulldozer operators and 33% of motor grader operators are over the age of 55. With so many approaching retirement age and an increase in construction projects nationally, operator positions are fair game. Those who have the skills to operate multiple pieces of heavy machinery and construction equipment will be valued even more!

Wondering what the role might look like?

  • One year of training (usually required)
  • Earning anywhere between $20-$35 an hour depending on location and experience
  • Shift work, some weekend work, longer hours in the summer and shorter hours in the winter and when it’s wet.

In regards to where you might go to search for employment, construction and logging companies, as well as heavy machinery contractors, are your best bets!



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